*Please note: If I have (unintentionally) omitted anyone or any institution from the acknowledgements, please inform me.*

SABCA is a joint project between the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI, core funding through their partnership with the Norwegian Ministry of the Environment), the Lepidopterists’ Society of Africa (LepSoc; co-funding, expertise) and the Animal Demography Unit (University of Cape Town) (ADU, project management). The South African Biodiversity Information Facility has provided a grant towards data digitization.


SABCA is very grateful to the following institutions/individuals for sharing their butterfly distribution data with SABCA (these lists aren’t final and will be updated as more data providers contribute their data to SABCA):



LepSoc’s conservation advisor, Graham Henning, attended to taxonomic queries in the databases. The following LepSoc members are thanked for verifying or identifying records at some of the institutions: Steve Woodhall, Kevin Cockburn, Richard Stevens, Andre Coetzer, Ernest Pringle.

The assistance of the following people in training or supervising data technicians during the digitization process is greatly appreciated:

Ashley Kirk-Spriggs (Albany and National Museums), Blanca Huertas (Natural History Museum, London), Kirstin Williams (Durban Natural Science Museum), Margie Cochrane (Iziko South African Musem), Martin Kruger (Transvaal Museum), Mike Mostovski (Natal Museum), Ross Urban (PPRI, ARC), Sarah Gess (Albany Museum), Steve Collins (ABRI, Kenya), Vivienne Uys (PPRI, ARC).

The hosting of SABCA’s data technician by various LepSoc members during the digitization of their collections is much appreciated.


All citizen scientists (over 150 members of the public) who have submitted photographs to the virtual museum are thanked for their keen participation.

SABCA thanks the following expert panel members (mainly LepSoc members) for volunteering their time to the virtual museum:

Andre Coetzer, Andrew Morton, Bennie Coetzer, Brian Plowes, Christopher Willis (SANBI), Dave Edge, Doug Kroon, Graham Henning, Harald Selb, Hermann Staude, Jenny Norman, Jeremy Dobson, John Joannou, Jonathan Ball, John Paul Niehaus, Kevin Cockburn, Lizelle Plowes, Mark Williams, Peter Webb, Steve Woodhall

We are grateful to the following sponsors of our virtual museum competition prizes:

Africa Geographic, JAH & Associates Environmental Consultancy, LepSoc, Struik Publishers


The following SABCA field team members, accredited members of LepSoc, are thanked for their time in conducting surveys for SABCA. Those marked with an asterisk are the Provincial Leaders and their time and hard work in coordinating surveys in the provinces they are responsible for is much appreciated (those members enclosed by brackets are no longer team members):

Bennie Coetzer*, Andre Coetzer*, David McDermott*, Graham Henning*, Kevin Cockburn*, Peter Roos*, Reinier Terblanche*, Andrew Morton*, Ernest Pringle*, Jeremy Dobson*, Christopher Dobson*, David Edge*, Adrian Armstrong, Alan Heath, Alf Curle, Americo Bonkewitzz, Andre Claassens, Andre Marais, Andrew Mayer, (Alan Plowes), (Anthony Brinkman), Brian Plowes, Daniel Rossouw, (Devan van der Merwe), Douglas Kroon, Doug Morton, Harald Selb, Heinz Ortmann, Henk Geertsema, Chris Ficq, Hermann Staude, Jonathan Ball*, John Joannou, John Paul Niehaus, John White, Keith Roos, Mark Williams, Martin Kruger, Martin Lunderstedt, Neville Curle, Owen Garvie, Quentin Austin, Ray Jones, Richard Dobson, Richard Stephen, Rudolf Swart, Shaun Walton, Stephen Woodhall, Tim Gilbert, Bill Steele, Barry Mee, Claudia Koch, Dietmar Ley, Herman Gustav Butler, Etienne Terblanche, Michelle Hamer, Peter Sharland, Raimund Schutte, Wayne Forrester, Jeff Crocombe.

The surveys would not be possible without the support received from nature conservation agencies and other departments/companies managing areas of interest, in the form of permits and licenses:


The authors of the conservation assessments and editors of the Red Data Book and Atlas are as follows (all are members of LepSoc unless otherwise stated):


Adrian Armstrong, Andre Coetzer, Bennie Coetzer, Chris Dobson, Dave Edge, Dave McDermott, Ernest Pringle, Graham Henning, Harald Selb, Jenny Norman, Jeremy Dobson, Jonathan Ball, Kevin Cockburn, Mark Williams, Reinier Terblanche, Steve Woodhall.


Dave Edge, Ernest Pringle, Graham Henning, Jonathan Ball, Mark Williams, Michelle Hamer (SANBI), Silvia Mecenero (UCT).

Reference lists were kindly provided by Jonathan Ball and Mark Williams to initiate the bibliography.


The SteerCo comprises of members from relevant stakeholder institutions (names in brackets are no longer part of the SteerCo, those with an asterisk form the Executive Committee):


The management of SABCA is based at the ADU (UCT) and the team consists of:

LepSoc members contributing towards the management of SABCA are:


Various LepSoc and SABCA participants have assisted with manning SABCA stands at exhibitions, as well as some LepSoc members have given SABCA presentations, for which SABCA is grateful.